10 Important Processes in Mobile App Development Project.

Step by step Procedure of Mobile App Development Process

Whenever we get a client that requests for a Mobile App Development Services. The first question I ask would be “Who are your would-be-users after the mobile app is published to the online stores?” I also ask for the value the intended users would get out of this mobile app and the incentive for them […]

10 Best Practices involved when in ERP Implementation Projects.

12 Business Cases For ERP Implementation

If you’re looking for a step by step process for a successful ERP Implementation project then you’re in the right place. Research – Start by interviewing people in different departments Determine the scope – Identify the relevant modules you need to implement. Software Selection – Determine the best fit product addressing your client’s needs. Data […]

Create a Successful Ecommerce Website in 2 months

Ecommerce websites are the gaining popularity because of the convenience they offer shoppers and the cost savings on businesses. However, a lot of confusion remains surrounding what it takes to build a successful ecommerce business. It starts with planning. For your ecommerce website to be successful, you need to look at the business side of […]