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The fastest way to learn is by sharing what we know. Over the years we have gathered insights into what works and what doesn’t we have also collaborated on projects in the past that where we didn’t have all the technical capacity required to finish the job. 
We hope you’ll find the information presented useful in managing your solutions as well as building solutions out for your clients.

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Website and Mobile App Development

Leveraging a diverse team of strategists, UX experts, technical architects, project managers, and software engineers, Sohn and Sol combines the discipline of Agile development and

Analytics & S.E.O

Our certified experts use SEO reporting and results driven data, to build strategy and increase conversionsOur web analytics consulting services will help you make sense

Graphics Design

Whether you have a new product, or an existing one, that needs a comprehensive design plan on how to engage your customers, our designers craft

ERP & CRM Implementation

We have the technical capacity to implement complex enterprise resource planning systems. We implement and design the system making it easy to use all the