A brand is more than a name or a symbol. It’s the identity, personality and perception a customer has when considering a company or purchase. The objective is to be recognized in the minds of consumers as so distinctive that no other product or service on the market compares. 


To yield lasting results, the critical step is to balance the injection of creativity into the strategic process. We know that successful brand experiences provide superior brand growth. So it’s really about changing the way a brand interacts with consumers and to stretch a brand’s thinking about providing better customer value to compete more effectively.

Visual Identity

Logo, Custom typography guide; Brand elements; Color palette selection Photography; Brand style guide; Business cards; Stationery design

Marketing material

Pitch deck; Proposals; Banner ad design Packaging design; POP displays; Brochures Posters; Social graphics

Brand Strategy

Competitor review; User personas Target audience goals; Key user groups Demographic information; User KPI’s; Customer value proposition


We have worked on some exciting projects for our clients Pwani Views Landscaping, Christy’s Heavenly Delights


A strong brand eventually becomes established and embodies your message and benefits for you. Even when you have a good base of customers, your brand is your ambassador, appealing to and reassuring existing customers and enticing potential new customers. So as your brand is ready for growth, this consistent message can grow and evolve in the same way your audience has.

Deciding on your values or what makes you special need not cost anything. However, communicating your brand message and style will inevitably require a budget commitment. The key areas you could budget for are:

  • Design needs, such as a website, a logo, business stationery and product packaging.
  • Advertising and promotional materials that convey and support the brand promise.


At the start of your branding project, we’ll discuss your goals and establish a creative brief. This will set parameters and guide the design process. Since you’re involved in setting those parameters, you can be confident your brand identity will be something you love.

Absolutely. 10% of our clients are not local, so I’m adapt at managing projects long distance. We’ll communicate via email, we can talk on the phone, chat over video on Zoom, mail color swatches and samples, or any combination of those. No sweat.

Yes. We work with lready established brands on smaller projects including creating marketing material and social media content. We ensure we create work within your brand guidelines and we’ll get the work to your on time.