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What is your strategy for enabling and supporting employees to continually build new skills so they can be successful as their work changes? Employee training has alway been a tool to inform employees about their responsibilities, ways to overcome low productivity levels, and steps to become an effective team member. An LMS is a tool that manages the processes of creating, hosting, distributing, and assessing training sessions. It allows trainers to host different types of training content such as lessons, worksheets, quizzes, and tests. LMS allows users to build courses on different topics and publish these courses on a training portal, assign courses to employees or students and track course completion status, track trainee participation, and collect feedback after each training.


In today’s era of accelerated markets, generating revenues has become of utmost importance. Enterprise LMSs are turning as sales enablement platforms that can successfully analyze sales teams’ proficiency, boost knowledge retention, and improve the organization’s win rates.

1- Gives Rise To Faster, More Efficient Onboarding: Onboarding is a critical part of any organization’s success. Be it employee, customer, or partner onboarding, each one plays a substantial role in helping every audience learn the ins and outs of your product or service and discover the real value you’re offering.

1- Compliance Training :By using an LMS, you can help your staff feel more empowered. Taking up courses on compliance training can also increase their confidence, especially in regard to onboarding and safety training. When an employee gets responsibility for new tasks, you allow them to deliver better results.

2- Gamified Content: Corporate managers can enroll their staff for gamified eLearning modules such as compliance, product knowledge, soft skills, onboarding, time management, etc. Using an online LMS, managers can introduce rewards, quests, and leaderboards into a sales training program.

3- Content Creation &Updation: Enterprise LMSs support a gamut of authoring tools that allow to quickly create staff enablement content and update it as per the pertinent requirements. Consequently, staff reps can quickly consume relevant content based on the company’s products, services, compliances, etc. 

4- Performance Analysis: Modern LMS provides insights of relevant data, helping managers to leverage mentoring opportunities for their teams to identify the skills-gaps. The LMS helps to boost sales enablement by keeping track of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as sales pipeline, overall performance, etc. 


There are many different features that can be integrated into an e-learning management system depending on the needs of the organisation. Some of the features that we integrate include:

Reports And Analytics

Learning Management Systems offer analytics that allow you to monitor online training on individual and group level. For example, determine the percentage of your staff with certain qualifications, the corelation of staff training and increased employee productivity

Intuitive User Interface

We deliver a curated design of the learning interface to fit the learning needs of the organisation. This invloves understanding the learning methods the already used by the organisation and integrating a similar interface to ensure a smooth transition

ELearning Assessment Tools

To be able to assess your corporate learners periodically to identify gaps and intervene when necessary we ensure to integrate an LMS that is able to support a broad range of eLearning assessment methods and a dedicated to eLearning assessment tracking.

Compliance And Certification Support

This is an essential feature for businesses that provide company policy and compliance online training, as well as those that require more advanced certification features, including the tracking of individual skill and performance gaps. This also allows you to refer to the LMS records in the event of an audit, which helps prevent violations and fines.

Gamification Features

Some employees require extra incentives to actively engage in your online training course. Game mechanics give them the motivation they require in the form of badges, points, and leaderboards. The key is finding an LMS that has built-in gamification features so that you can easily incorporate these rewards.


E Learning integrations may require a considerate amount of investment but every shilling that goes behind this is totally worth it. It helps in increasing the productivity of your company as it is doing the major works in a short period. You don’t have to incur additional cost for onoarding training. It also helps in ISO guidelines adherance as ell as prevent losses from employees not being skilled.

The implementation timeframe varies depending on the modules being implemented. In our experience, we can implement as early as one month for an startup system. This is based on the assumption that the user or the company already knows what to expect and have necessary data available right away.

There are implementations that take a 3 months or more especially if the organization has growing requirements, incomplete or incorrect data provided and/or management changes.

But this can be shortened by having a strong collaboration between the internal steering committee and us, the solutions provider. 


Enterprise Learning Management Systems (ELMS) are beneficial to companies regardless of size or industry. In recent years, small- to mid-sized companies have fueled most of the growth in the ELMS industry. While large enterprises dominated ELMS usage in the past, niche solutions have made it possible for smaller businesses to implement an ELMS.

Companies pursuing digital transformation often implement software to enable their digital strategies. These companies use technology to enable digital operations and create new business and operating models. 

Yes, as a mandatory step in the implementation methodology, Sohn and Sol provides training to your employees. If a trained employee leaves you, and you hire a new person, we can even train your new employee and educate him how to use the system effectively for your business objectives.

At Sohn and Sol we have also developed Training Videos where functionality and modules are explained in details, such videos are very well accepted and appreciated by our existing users.

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