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10 ERP Implementation Steps

ERP & CRM Solutions

We have the technical capacity to implement complex enterprise resource planning systems. We implement and design the system making  it easy to use all the while serving up relevant information to users in a visually aesthetic and informative fashion

Website and Mobile App Development

With Sohn and Sol, you are leveraging a diverse team of strategists, UX experts, technical architects, project managers, and software engineers, we combine the discipline of Agile development and the creativity of seasoned technology experts to create custom enterprise and consumer facing software products that deliver for your business.

Web Development Agency

Whether you have a new product or an existing one, that needs a comprehensive design plan on how to engage your customers, our designers craft a solution blueprint that achieves your business objectives while delivering results that exceed client expectations.

Our certified experts use SEO reporting and results driven data, to build strategy and increase conversions. Our web analytics consulting services will help you make sense of your website’s traffic so you can better allocate your marketing budget to areas where your marketing return on investment is greatest.

Digital Marketing

Social media management is an important component of both a digital and social media strategy. It is a blueprint for how you manage your content and interactions with customers through social media. We handle your socials so you can focus on other things in your business